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Institute for Biomaterial Science


Career Management at Hereon Institute of Biomaterial Science

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Talent Management is an important generic and societal task for the Hereon Institute of Biomaterial Science. The Hereon Institute fosters the development of new generations of scientists by providing young people of all age levels with the opportunity to learn how to work and think in an interdisciplinary scientific environment. The educational programs includes specific offers on all levels including school children, interns, exchange students, graduates and postdocs.

Special emphasis is given to the graduate education including Bachelor, Master/ Diploma, and Ph.D. degrees. In 2013, the Hereon launched the Helmholtz Graduate School for Macromolecular Bioscience. The Graduate School offers outstanding interdisciplinary training for PhD students with a background in natural and biomaterial sciences as well as in engineering.

The PhD program comprises fundamental and application-oriented scientific research with a strong focus on the entire chain of development of macromolecular and biomaterial science.

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