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Climate consulting

Climate Service Center Germany - GERICS

Global climate change has very different regional effects that are already being felt today. We will have to adjust and adapt to the consequences of climate change.

This poses concrete questions for politicians, administrations and companies: To what extent must a city adapt its stormwater management to future heavy rain events? What can climate-adapted urban development look like? How can companies take the effects of climate change into account in their future planning processes? How do these impacts affect increasingly globally connected supply chains? These questions exemplify the current information needs of decision-makers on climate change and its impacts.

The Climate Service Center Germany, or GERICS for short, acts as a think tank to meet this need. It creates new prototypes for climate services and works in close cooperation with science and with practical partners from politics, business and administration. GERICS actively promotes networking among these actors.

GERICS Webseite

Norddeutsches Küsten- und Klimabüro

The climate is changing - also in northern Germany. The North German Coastal and Climate Office makes current results from climate research available to the public and to decision-makers in northern Germany. To this end, the North German Climate Office has been maintaining an intensive dialogue with experts from climate-sensitive fields and interested laypersons since 2006. The results of this dialogue are various information offers on past and possible future climate change and its consequences in northern Germany.

Norddeutsches Küsten- und Klimabüro (german only)