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First meeting of the LandSeaLot project participants

Delft in the Netherlands has been host to the inaugural meeting of LandSeaLot

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LandSeaLot meeting in the Netherlands copyright: Seascape Belgium

Delft in the Netherlands has been host to the inaugural meeting of LandSeaLot, a Horizon Europe project that seeks to integrate and enhance existing observation efforts to better study the land-sea interface, where terrestrial and marine habitats meet.

Scientists from around Europe gathered this week in Delft for the official Kick Off Meeting of the newly minted LandSeaLot project, taking place the 26-28 of March, hosted by Dutch research institute Deltares. LandSeaLot seeks to defragment communities, actors, and scientific fields, to achieve an integrated, optimal, cost-effective, and robust observation of the land-sea interface.

LandSeaLot – a new European research program to study the land-sea transition zone

The four-year project comprises 20 partners spanning 12 European nations and will bring together communities involved in coastal and freshwater Research Infrastructures, with citizen science networks and the consortium’s leading scientific expertise.

The project will bring novel approaches to help achieve the goals of the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” and the wider objectives of the EU Green Deal.

The Hemlholtz-Zentrum Hereon is involved in this project with its Institutes for Carbon Cycles and for Coastal Systems - Analysis and Modeling with a total of five scientists.

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