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Dr.-Ing. Banglong Fu receives Henry Granjon Prize of IIW 2023

In recognition of his outstanding contribution in welding technology

Dr.-Ing. Banglong Fu, scientist from the Solid State Materials Processing Department (WMP), was awarded the prestigious “Henry Granjon Prize” from the International Institute of Welding (IIW) for the year 2023.

Banglong Fu Zertifikat Steffen Niemann

Dr.-Ing. Banglong Fu with Awars and certificate of the "Henry Granjon Prize", awarded by the International Institute of Welding at the 76th Annual Meeting in Singapore. Photo: Hereon/ Steffen Niemann

The award was presented to him on June 16th 2023 during the Opening Ceremony of the 76th IIW Annual Assembly held in Singapore. Additionally, in the invited plenary speech, Dr.-Ing. Banglong Fu gave an overview about the research activities in the department WMP, in particular the refill friction stir spot welding/processes (refill FSSW/ P), to the international experts.

The Henry Granjon Prize, established in 1992, is the only IIW annual award presented by IIW to individual young scientists in technologies related to joining, surfacing or cutting. It comprises four categories: (A) joining and fabrication technology, (B) materials behaviour and weldability, (C) design and structural integrity, and (D) human related subjects. If no work is deemed qualified for the award after judgement of the IIW panel, then no prize will be awarded in a given year. Dr.-Ing. Banglong Fu is the final recipient in Category B in competitions with candidates nominated by the national delegations of IIW. IIW acknowledges his outstanding work in the development and application of the novel welding process, refill FSSW, for the cast AM50 magnesium alloy, which holds both significant scientific and industrial value.

About Banglong Fu

Dr.-Ing. Banglong Fu received his Ph.D. from Technical University Berlin, under the co-supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Rethmeier and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jorge F. dos Santos. Since 2020, he has been engaged at Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon as a scientist, and is now the leader of Spot Welding & Processing Group of WMP headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Klusemann at the Institute of Materials Mechanics. His research activities deal with third-party funded R&D innovations for the automotive, railroad and aerospace industries.

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