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Priority for Hydrogen

Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon hosted again the Spring School Hydrogen Technology in 2023. 42 speakers and 50 participants

The "Spring School Hydrogen Technology" took place for the second time from March 27 to 31, 2023, with great success. It was organized jointly by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, the DLR Institute of Maritime Energy Systems in Geesthacht, the DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems in Oldenburg, and the FH Westküste University of Applied Sciences in Heide. The event was financially supported by HY.SH, the Center for High Performance Materials Hamburg, the Hydrogen Society Hamburg, the companies GKN Hydrogen GmbH, HYDAC GmbH, and Wintershall DEA AG, as well as by the technical journal HZwei.

Photo Hitzler-Werft Lauenburg

Participants on the excursion to the Hitzler shipyard in Lauenburg in front of part of the hull section of the Hereon research vessel Coriolis, which is currently under construction. This will also have a hydrogen energy system. Photo: DLR Inst. of Maritime Energy Systems / Jorgen Depken

After last year's participants could only follow the presentations of the speakers from industry and science online due to Corona, this year's Spring School took place live in the "Zündholzfabrik" in Lauenburg at the river Elbe. 42 speakers from industry and research presented the whole range of the hydrogen economy to about 50 participants: from production and import, over storage and transport, to distribution and end use in mobile and stationary applications. Intensive discussions took place not only directly after the presentations, but also during the breaks and even in the evening hours. Topics to discuss were the opportunities and risks as well as the various development paths towards a climate-neutral hydrogen economy, as well as about the replacement of today's fossil fuels in the various types of use.

For the first time, participants were also able to present their own research in three-minute pitchtalks, which were awarded prizes by an independent jury. The three best contributions reported on "New hydrogen storage systems for fuel cell passenger cars" (Maximilian Passing), "2D MoS2-based nanocatalysts for the hydrogen generation reaction in electrolyzers (Raquel Aymerich-Armengol), and "Modeling of metal hydrides for systematic property optimization" (Archa Santhosh). All young scientists impressively demonstrated that society can continue to rely on new sparkling ideas for our sustainable future with hydrogen.

Springschool Hydrogen Technology 2023 Winner

Archa Santhosh, Raquel Aymerich-Armengol, Maximilian Passing. Photo: Hereon

The program was completed by a visit to the Hitzler shipyard in Lauenburg, where the Hereon's new research vessel is currently being built - the Coriolis, which will have a hydrogen energy system on board for emission-free propulsion.

Based on the very positive feedback from the participants and the speakers, the organizers already agreed - there will be another Spring School Hydrogen Technology in 2024, improved based on the helpful hints from the participants with additional new elements and the latest developments in hydrogen technology.

The format of the Spring School for Hydrogen Technologies developed two years ago has a unique selling point in Germany with this thematic focus. For the future challenges around the topic, it was effective to impart the relevant knowledge to the well over 40 international graduates who participated extra to their university curriculum.

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