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Behind the scenes of hydrogen research

Video gives insight into the work at the Institute of Materials Technology

How can hydrogen be produced in a sustainable way? What are the possibilities for storage? And how can the results of the research be made usable for people? Scientists from the Institute of Materials Research deal with these questions. One of them is Prof. Dr. Thomas Klassen. How the energy carrier hydrogen is being researched here and what all this has to do with Klassen's car, an old Isetta, can be seen in Tim Peters' video. During his studies in environmental sciences at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg he thought about the concept for the video and produced the film.

Video: Behind the scenes of hydrogen research

Materials Technology Wasserstofftank
Werstofftechnologie am HZG

The Division Materials Technology at HZG consists of Sustainable Energy Technology, Nanotechnology and the Hydrogen Technology Centre (HTC).

Division Materials Technology

Energy Carrier H2 Scientist in the lab
Hydrogen as energy carrier

Scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht research hydrogen storage in so-called metal hydrides, develop prototypes of corresponding storage tanks and optimise the materials for mobile and stationary applications.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Klassen

Head of the Division Materials Technology

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