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New Baltic Earth Scientific Colloquium Series

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Baltic Sea
  • LocationOnline
  • Time15:00 re. 16:00 hrs.
  • HostHelmholtz-Zentrum Hereon

A new scientific colloquium series will be initiated, organized by Baltic Earth. The colloqiums will take place online in the webinar format, Mondays, every two months, in the afternoon.


The Baltic Earth scientific colloquia shall present and discuss topics from the Baltic Earth Grand Challenges and topics, and generally Earth system research topics from or relevant for the Baltic Sea region. Speakers will be invited from the Baltic Earth community and beyond.

The first colloquium will be held on
Monday 4. December
15:00 (cet/cest; Stockholm/Hamburg)
16:00 (eet/eest; Helsinki/Tallinn)

Speaker will be
Prof. Dr. Markus Meier
Leibniz-Institute of Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde

Past trends in the water balance of the Baltic Sea:
The calculation of the freshwater balance of the Baltic Sea and its temporal variability is a long-standing field of research within BALTEX and Baltic Earth. The difference between precipitation and evaporation over the Baltic Sea catchment area controls, via the rivers, the freshwater input into the Baltic Sea and thus its salinity. However, the salt input via the Danish straits is also variable over time. In this presentation, I will discuss the latest research on low-frequency variability of the water balance of the region and of Baltic Sea salinity

Baltic Earth Scientific Colloquium Series