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Reports 2009

  • GKSS-2009-1 [4,5 MB] (PDF) Schwalbe, K.-H.; Scheider, I.; Cornec, A.: SIAM CM 09 - The SIAM method for applying cohesive models to the damage behaviour of engineering materials and structures (Report)
  • GKSS-2009-2 [18 MB] (PDF) Pranzas, P.K.; Müller, M.; Willumeit, R.; Schreyer, A. [Eds.]: GeNF-Experimental Report 2008 (Report)
  • GKSS-2009-3 [2,7 MB] (PDF) Meyer, E.M.I.; Pohlmann, T.; Weisse, R.: Hindcast simulation of the North Sea by HANSOM for the period of 1948 till 2007 - temperature and heat content (Report)
  • GKSS-2009-4 [10,8 MB] (PDF) Bösenberg, U.: LiBH4-MgH2 Composites for Hydrogen Storage (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2009-5 [2,1 MB] (PDF) Söhler, J.: Umbau und Betrieb einer Anlage zur Membrantrennung vo Gas/Dampfgemischen unter Anwendung von Massenspektrometrie und Gaschromatographie (Diplomar thesis)
  • GKSS-2009-6 [2,2 MB] (PDF) Heinrich, K.: Polymere mit intrinsischer Mikroporosität - Membranmaterialien mit Zukunft? (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2009-7 [3,6 MB] (PDF) Ahrens, L.: Polyfluoroalkyl Compounds in the Marine Environment - Investigations of their distribution in Surface Water and Temporal Trends in Harbor Seals (Phoca Vitulina) (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2009-8 [1,2 MB] (PDF) Thees, B.; Kutzbach, L.; Wilmking, M.; Zorita, E.: Ein Bewertungsmaß für die amplitudentreue regressive Abbildung von verrauschten Daten im Rahmen einer iterativen "Errors in Variables"-Modellierung (EVM) (Report)
  • GKSS-2009-9 [13,6 MB] (PDF) Kakoulaki, G.: Study of the Interaction between the Current Field and Structures in the Bathymetry in a Tidal Inlet (Diploma thesis)
  • GKSS-2009-10 [1,9 MB] (PDF) Ratter, B.; Lange, M.; Sobiech, C.: Heimat, Umwelt und Risiko an der deutschen Nordseeküste (Report [2. rev. ed.])
  • GKSS-2009-11 [1,3 MB] (PDF) Busch, J.: Analysis of poly- and perluorinated compounds (PFCs) in landfill effluent using HPLC-MS/MS (Diploma thesist)
  • GKSS-2009-12 [4,7 MB] (PDF) Dobrynin, M.: Investigating the Dynamics of Suspended Particulate Matter in the North Sea Using a Hydrodynamic Transport Model and Satellite Data Assimilation (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2009-13 [2,9 MB] (PDF) Ertürk, S.: Thermo-mechanical Modelling and Simulation of Magnesium Alloys during Extrusion Process (Thesis)