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Reports 2008

  • GKSS-2008-1 [7.0 MB] (PDF) Graff, S.: Micromechanical modeling of the deformation of HCP metals. (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2008-2 [6.6 MB] (PDF) Winterfeldt, J.: Comparison of measured and simulated wind speed data in the North Atlantic. (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2008-3 [2,4 MB] (PDF) Prömmel, K.: Analysis of a high-resolution regional climate simulation for Alpine temperature: validation and influence of the NAO. (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2008-4 [6,2 MB] (PDF) Hünicke, B.: Atmospheric forcing of decadal Baltic Sea level variability in the last 200 years: a statistical analysis. (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2008-5 [8,5 MB] (PDF) Swiostek, J.: Erweiterung der Prozessgrenzen beim Strangpressen von Magnesiumknetlegierungen der AZ-Reihe durch das hydrostatische Strangpressverfahren. (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2008-6 [38 MB] (PDF) Pranzas, P.K.; Schreyer, A.; Willumeit, R. [Eds.]: GeNF - Experimental Report 2007. (Report)
  • GKSS-2008-7 [3,7 MB] (PDF) Hausstein, H.: Simulation of the transport of suspended particulate matter in the Rio de la Plata. (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2008-8 [13,7 MB] (PDF) Weis Olea, C. A.: Influence of energy input in friction stir welding on structure evolution and mechanical behaviour of precipitation-hardening in aluminium alloys (AA2024-T351, AA6013-T6 and Al-Mg-Sc). (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2008-9 [5,0 MB] (PDF) Alamsyah, N.: Identification of geomorphological dynamics from bathymetric time series acquired by radar. (Diploma thesis)
  • GKSS-2008-10 [410 KB] (PDF) Rau, S.: Klimaänderungen und Tourismus in Norddeutschland. (Report)
  • GKSS-2009-11 [8,9 MB] (PDF) Kabir, M. R.: Modeling and simulation of deformation and fracture behavior of components made of fully lamellar γTiAl alloy. (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2008-12 [9,8 MB] (PDF) Pinheiro, G.A: Local reinforcement of magnesium components by friction processing: determination of bonding mechanisms and assessment of joint properties. (Thesis)