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Information on using the publications database

Preliminary remarks

The publications database can be accessed in two different ways. The network version can be reached via the Website/Central Departments/Library/Publications/Publication Database/Research. This leads you to the standardmode of the database. More search fields are available in the expertmode. If you have FileMaker installed on your computer, you can also combine words. This provides you with a more versatile search tool than the network version.

Umlauts and “ß” are separated in the database, but can still be entered for the search. Special characteristics of other languages, such as accent marks, cedillas and Scandinavian spellings are not taken into account. Greek letters are written out using Latin letters. The titles of journals must be written out.

The database only includes publications written by employees of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht and approved by the management of the respective institute. External employees / guest scientists only need to register their publications.

Search tips