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Publication database

The database refers to publications appearing since 1988. It contains the metadata of the following publication types: articles in journals, book chapters, books, proceedings, university publications, reports, posters, abtracts, presentations and lectures, but no patents.
In 2007 the publication database became also an "Institutional Repository". All content published in open access journals (Golden Road) and most journal articles of traditional publishers which are listed by SHERPA/RoMEO (Green Road) are available in full text.

HZG Reports

"HZG Reports" are issued by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon at irregular intervals. The following items are published: university publications such as doctoral, master and bachelor theses, scientific papers and empirical studies. Since 2003, the series is also published online (open access), except for a few reports in which only an abstract is available online. By year sorted lists of HZG and GKSS reports with links to the PDF can be found on our websites. In addition they can be retrieved by using the search form to the publication database. Older GKSS reports prior to 2003 are available only as an image file (PDF). Individual printed copies of the report series can be obtained free of the library and are available in exchange.

Other publications