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Reports 2005

  • GKSS-2005-1 [4.8 MB] (PDF) Woth, K. Weisse, R. Storch, H. von: Dynamical modelling of North Sea storm surge extremes under climate change conditions: an ensemble study. (Report)
  • GKSS-2005-2 [1.2 MB] (PDF) Aspelien, T. Weisse, R.: Assimilation of sea level observations for multi-decadal regional ocean model simulations for the North Sea. (Report)
  • GKSS-2005-3 [865 KB] (PDF) Gaslikova, L. Weisse, R.: Applications of dynamical and statistical downscaling methods to small-scale wave climate simulations for coastal areas. (Report)
  • GKSS-2005-4 [12.3 MB] (PDF) Matulla, C. [u.a.] : Outstanding past decadal-scale climate events in the Greater Alpine Region analysed by 250 years data and model runs. (Report)
  • GKSS-2005-5 [310 MB] (PDF) Stockmann, K.: Quantifizierung morphologischer Veränderungen verklappter Sedimente vor der Küste Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns. (Diploma thesis)
  • GKSS-2005-6 [9.5 MB] (PDF) Schicker, J.: Simulation des Bruchverhaltens quasi-spröder Werkstoffe bei einachsiger Zugbelastung unter Verwendung eines lokalen statistischen Ansatzes und einfacher statistischer Modelle. (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2005-7 [291 MB] (PDF) Schreyer, A. Willumeit, R. Vollbrandt, J. [Eds.]: GeNF-Experimental Report 2004. (Report)
  • GKSS-2005-8 [30.1 MB] (PDF) Storch, H. von Kiladis, G.. Madden, R.: Interview with Harry van Loon. (Report)
  • GKSS-2005-9 [10.5 MB] (PDF) Feser, F.: Spatial scale separation in regional climate modelling. (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2005-10 [4.0 MB] (PDF) Lionello, P. [u.a.] : Is the winter European climate of the last 500 years conditioned by the variability of solar irradiance and volcanism? (Report)
  • GKSS-2005-11 [17,5 MB] (PDF) Qi, Xiumei: Wear mechanisms of nano- and microcrystalline TiC-Ni based thermal spray coatings. (Thesis)
  • GKSS-2005-12 [18.9 MB] (PDF) Werwer, M.: Mikromechanische Modellierung des Verformungs- und Bruchverhaltens von lamellarem TiAL. (Thesis)