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Data of the research area Earth and Environment

The Helmholtz Coastal Data Center provides access to research data, maps and products of the research area Earth and Environment at Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon. Besides portals for the download of data, you can find services and digital maps to directly access the research data.

HCDC data portal

HCDC data portal

The HCDC data portal offers data from the research field Earth and Environment for download. You can find for example climate model results, biogeochemical measurements in water and sediment and sensor data from the extensive Hereon sensor network. Discover the data by using the free text search bar. HCDC data portal

Campaign data

Research vessel Ludwig Prandtl

Access to the database for campaign data of the Hereon Institute of Carbon Cycles and Hereon Institute of Coastal Environmental Chemistry. Various search criteria can be used as filters and the data can be downloaded as shape or CSV files. Access to campaign database


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Access to the metadata catalog system of Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon: Learn more about our data products. Metadata catalog


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coastDat uses quasi-realistic numerical model systems to describe the meteorological-marine environment for regions where little data exists. Homogeneous, consistent model data (a few kilometres grid width, hourly data output over decades) are available. Access to coastDat portal



COSYNA deals with scientific questions. Data and data products should thereby assist the governmental, economic and public sectors in planning and processing routine tasks and emergency strategies as well as in assessing trends. Access to COSYNA portal