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Hi-Acts - The Innovation platform for accelerator-based technologies

Hi-Acts brings together people working in industry and medicine with experts in scientific research to provide knowledge and technology transfer, so that future technologies and products can be developed more quickly.

Hi-Acts Key-visual

The mission of the new innovation platform Hi-Acts – Helmholtz Innovation Platform for Accelerator-based Technologies & Solutions – is to make accelerator-based technologies accessible via a single point of contact specifically for industrial and medical applications. This single-entry point gives research and development easy access to the powerful Helmholtz infrastructure, which operates according to industry standards, as well as providing comprehensive services.
Five leading Helmholtz research centers have joined forces to form the platform: Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), the Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research, the Helmholtz Center Hereon (HZB), and the Helmholtz Center Berlin.
The experts and scientists working for these partners have extensive expertise in various fields of accelerator-based research and development. They are familiar with a wide range of accelerator technologies and types of radiation – from X-rays, neutrons, positrons, gamma rays and ions to infrared, UV and terahertz radiation. The centres operate unique large-scale research facilities where these state-of-the-art, high-precision methods are applied.
Hi-Acts is building a cross-industry network that offers its members unique networking opportunities and opens the path to co-creation processes for the joint development of novel solutions in a wide range of business sectors. People involved in industry and scientific research join forces and work in close partnership to integrate deep tech solutions more quickly into industrial value chains and thus accelerate innovation breakthroughs for society.

Benefits and services at a glance

Hi-Acts allows the partners involved in a project to benefit from numerous services:

• The Helmholtz Centres have tremendous expertise not only in research, technology and data processing, but also in areas such as IP protection and applications for funding. Partners can use the platform to obtain advice and take part in training courses and specialist seminars tailored to their needs. They can also exchange ideas with each other and form suitable alliances. And of course, they have direct access to the large-scale research facilities where they can book beam time.

• A key service provided by Hi-Acts which allows potential partners to enjoy these various benefits is called Hi-Acts Connect. This very simple process helps interested parties quickly find the right Hi-Acts partner best suited to tackling a specific technical challenge. Using a short form, interested parties can confidentially submit an enquiry or a technological challenge to the Hi-Acts single entry point. A personal contact is assigned to the issue who takes care of everything else, finding the right experts or scientists within the network to address the challenge. Having received feedback from the contact, including some initial solutions tailored to their needs, the interested party then decides whether to go ahead with the project.

• Interacting with the Technology Labs also gives the partners involved a timely insight into known topics of future importance. As part of the integrated technology labs, innovative transfer-focus-topics from the fields of medicine, product development and industrial quality assurance are being driven forward. Hi-Acts aims to increase the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and actively support the development and integration of new technologies for a faster market entry through cooperation with industry. Five laboratories are currently integrated into Hi-Acts:

1. Physics-informed AI @ Synchrotron
2. (Novel) Compact Laser Plasma Accelerators
3. Rhodotron & Cyclotron for Radionuclide Production
4. High-energy Ion Implantation in Power Semiconductors
5. Accelerators for (Thermal) Neutrons to Obtain Theranostic Radionuclides

• Another Hi-Acts service is the Hi-Acts Use Case Initiatives, a lean programme for funding activities that are relevant to industry. The platform puts up half a million euros every year to support such initiatives by the Helmholtz researchers at the participating centres. In particular, Hi-Acts promotes projects that are developed in collaboration with companies and that will advance specific applications. Companies are therefore encouraged to put forward their own initiatives or ideas for such collaborative projects and to join us in creating innovations together! Researchers are invited to submit ideas for new applications.

• Hi-Acts represents the common interests of its partners within the network in developing new standards and norms. Many of the technologies developed as part of the platform set new standards – as a partner, you can ensure that your own needs are taken into account right from the start.

Hi-Acts Membership

Membership offers companies several benefits:

• Active networking with other members from different sectors, including opinion leaders, industry experts, potential new business partners and customers
• Access to exclusive events and new contacts with experts from the five Helmholtz Centres
• Jointly shaping the future to create win-wins and to continuously develop the platform – whether as part of the Hi-Acts Use Case Initiatives, new R&D funding programmes or with your own individual project
• Strengthening the innovative power and visibility of your company and keeping abreast of the latest trends at all times


[04.11.2024] Hi-Acts Network Meeting


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