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Dual Course of Study - Business Administration

A dual course of study offers many advantages!

Dual Course of Study

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You will acquire the theoretical knowledge at university and will be able to put what you have learned straight into practice with us. At the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon you will be well looked after by our specialists and managers. As a student following a dual course of study, you will already receive a salary from us and will have the freedom to fully focus on your studies. You will be able to acquire a vocational qualification in addition to your degree.
You will study at a university that focuses on students doing a dual course of study and offers good conditions in this respect.

In cooperation with HSBA School of Business Administration in Hamburg, we therefore offer a dual course of study at our Geesthacht site:

Dual Course of Study – Business Administration

The dual course of study merges a course in business administration at HSBA in Hamburg with practical training at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon.

Course duration: 3 years
Qualification: Bachelor of Science (BSc) with 180 ECTS

Contents are (among others subjects):

  • methodology and basics of the study of business administration
  • cost and performance accounting
  • HR
  • project management
  • Business English

Please find more detailed information on the course of study at


Eligibility criteria

A university entrance qualification recognised in Hamburg (high school diploma or equivalent or the German “Fachhochschulreife” – academic and practical part)
Good knowledge of English, mathematics, and German

Proof is deemed to have been provided when an average of 10.0 points according to the German marking system has been achieved. For this purpose, two high school reports must be submitted. Points achieved in your final high school exams can be included in the calculation of grades. When the grade was achieved on an advanced course, a bonus of 1.0 points is granted on top of the average grade. If the required number of points is not achieved in one of the subjects, HSBA offers admission tests in English, Mathematics, and German.