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Harmonization of advanced materials ecosystems serving strategic innovation markets to pave the way to a Digital Materials & Product Passport


Project timeline
April 2024
36 months
March 2027
General Information
The overarching objective of DigiPass is to enhance the digital maturity of the European communities that develop materials and intermediate products. The project will develop recommendations and clear routes toward digitalized circular business models. The overarching key result of DigiPass is to create a sustainable platform which includes support for Digital Materials & Product Passport and for collaborative innovation-by-design processes in a circular economy served by advanced materials. A business model for operating such a platform completes the overarching objective. DigiPass is harmonizing and synergizing collected materials data sources and digital infrastructures. This will enable interoperability of data exchange, and standardization of advanced materials knowledge representation at all maturity levels. Accelerating the design, development, and production of advanced, safe, and sustainable chemicals and materials, as they are necessary for innovative products, calls for a collaborative approach involving different stakeholders to support durability, repair and overhaul, reuse, and recyclability of products.
DigiPass project impacts all materials development communities over the whole circular value chain.
Hereon is the DigiPass project coordinator. Hereon’s main contributions to DigiPass include the lead of the Coordination and Support Action, Communication activity, Cooperation with EU and national activities in the field of materials digitalization and contributions to AMI2030 and Innovation Advance Materials for EU (IAM4EU) partnership. The team of MO institute will lead this important strategic activity to accelerate advanced materials development in Europe. Hereon plays also a key role in the implementation of tasks focused on harmonization and standardization of modeling approaches, experimental data exchange and sharing through digital environment, and ensuring sustainability of the projects results.
EU-Programme Acronym and Subprogramme AreaHORIZON-CL4-2023-RESILIENCE-01-39
Project TypeCoordination & Support Action (CSA)
Contract NumberGrant Agreement 101138510
Co-ordinatorHereon (DE)
Funding for the Project (€) Funding for Hereon (€)
Contact Person at Hereon Dr. Natalia Konchakova, Institute of Surface Science, Department of Interface Modeling, MOM, Phone: +49 4152 87 1963
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AC2T Research GmbH (AT), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR), Composites United EV (DE), European Coil Coating Association AISBL (BE), Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. (DE), Innovation in Research & Engineering Solutions (BE), Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU), Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NO), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO), Organic Electronic Technologies Private Company (GR), WIKKI Limited (UK)
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