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Building green and climate neutral city-hubs


Project timeline
January 2023
48 months
December 2026
General Information
CLIMABOROUGH is an Innovation Action designed to field test the ClimHub, Climate Sandbox and Climate Service concepts within 12 European Cities engaged in their ecological and digital transition. The project aims to enhance traditional urban and spatial planning approaches through data and knowledge based decision making (including a possible new role for GIS - Geographic Information Systems), including climate services co-production for transitions, cross-city and cross-country pilot co-creation as well as the tactical use of public procurement of innovative solutions. The goal is not just to enhance an open set of tools leveraging climate transition in cities, but also to boost the exchange of experimental good practices, experiences and lessons learnt in this field, to help cities meet climate neutrality by 2050. This will be achieved by the following expected results: (i) building ClimHubs of Cities and solution providers to work on experimentations in real conditions, (ii) harnessing the collective intelligence of local stakeholders for collaborative solution development, (iii) defining Climate Services as a model strategy to use data and visualisation tools for climate transition, (iv) field testing the Climate Sandbox concept as a way to prioritise and facilitate transformation of successfully deployed prototypes into established solutions for climate adaptation and mitigation in cities, and (v) monitoring and assessing the progress in achieving those goals and in implementing a climate neutrality planning scheme. Based on the lessons learnt and successful concept of the H2020 Designscapes CSA, CLIMABOROUGH has the ambition to bridge the gap between design and implementation of urban innovations, particularly in the domain of climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The Hereon team will be in charge of co-producing climate services as a key pillar to support climate transitions. The co-production process and the need for an increase uptake of climate information by the cities decision makers will be delineate the work of GERICS.

This project is funded within the Horizon Europe Mission Climate Neutral and Smart Cities.
EU-Programme Acronym and Subprogramme AreaHORIZON-MISS-2021-CIT-02-01
Project TypeInnovation Action (IA)
Contract NumberGrant Agreement 101096464
Co-ordinatorAnci Toscana Associazione (IT)
Funding for the Project (€) Funding for Hereon (€)
Contact Person at Hereon Dr. Maria Máñez Costa, Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS, KGN) Phone: +49 40 226 338 408
E-mail contact
Worldwide Europe

Aalborg Universitet (DK), Agencija Za Ekonomski Razvoj Opstine Prijedor (BA), ANCI Toskana Associazione (IT), Associazione Urban Lab (IT), City of Krk (HR), Comune di Torino (IT), Daten-Kompetenzzentrum Städte und Regionen DKSR GmbH (DE), DIMOS Athinaion Epicheirisi Michanografisis (GR), E-ZAVOD, Zavod Za Projektno Svetovanje, Raziskovanje In Razvoj Celovitih Resitev (SI), Emac Empresa Municipal De Ambientede Cascais Em Sa (PT), Energy Cities/Energie-Cites Association (FR), Fondazione Links - Leading Innovation & Knowledge For Society (IT), Glavni Grad Oodgorica (ME), Grad Prijedor (BA), Grenoble-Alpes-Metropole Metro (FR), Institut Mines-Telecom (FR), Katowice Miasto Na Prawach Powiatu (PL), Mestna Obcina Maribor (SI), Municipality of Ioannina (GR), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO), Politecnico di Milano (IT), Societe D'economie Mixte Issy - Media (Sem Issy Media) (FR), Sprava Informacnich Technologii Mesta Plzne, Prispevkova Organizace (CZ), Stolichna Obshtina (BG), Syndicat Intercommunal de Gestion Informatique (LU), Ville de Differdange (LU), ZUM urbanizem, planiranje, projektiranje d.o.o. (SI)
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