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Project timeline
May 2019
48 months
April 2023
General Information
E-SHAPE is driven by the need to develop operational Earth Observation (EO) services with and for the users and to create a conducive environment whereby the strengths of Europe are exploited towards addressing societal challenges, fostering entrepreneurship and supporting sustainable development. The project objectives are 1) to develop operational EO services with and for users active in key societal sectors; 2) to demonstrate the benefits of the EO pilots through the coordinated downstream exploitation of EO data and the utilization of existing EO resources; 3) to promote the uptake of pilots at national and international scale, across vertical markets (private and public) and amongst key user communities; 4) to enable the long-term sustainability of the numerous pilots, their penetration in public and private markets and support their upscaling; 5) to increase uptake by raising awareness on the solutions developed through tailored and well-targeted communication, dissemination and outreach activities. E-SHAPE aims at setting-up and promoting a sustainable organization dedicated to users’ uptake of European EO resources, building on Copernicus and GEOSS through the development of co-design pilots (i.e. application-oriented products, services or solutions) built on a user-centric approach and delivering economic, social and policy value to European citizens. It has also the ambition through the development of 27 pilots organized in 7 showcases to deliver information that will also contribute to the three GEO engagements (SDGs, Paris Agreement and Sendai Framework).
Hereon’s main contribution is to the Health Surveillance Showcase within E-SHAPE with the objectives to (1) evaluate the spatial and temporal variability of trace gas measurements recorded during long-distance flights (e.g. CARIBIC) and (2) to compare atmospheric chemical key parameters by aircraft and satellites to assess their compliance for different regions of the World.
EU-Programme Acronym and Subprogramme AreaH2020-SC5-2018-2020
Project TypeInnovation Action
Contract NumberGrant Agreement 820852
Co-ordinatorAssociation pour la Recherche et le Developpement des Methodes et Processus Industriels (FR)
Funding for the Project (€) Funding for Hereon (€)
Contact Person at Hereon Prof. Dr. Ebinghaus, Institute of Coastal Environmental Chemistry, KU, Phone: +49 4152 87 2354
E-mail contact
Worldwide Europe

Academy of Athens (GR), Association Pour la Recherche et le Developpement des Methodes et Process (FR), BIOSENSE Instiitute - Research and Development Institute (RS), Centre For Environment And Development For The Arab Region And Europe (EG), Centro De Investigacion Ecologica Yaplicaciones Forestales (ES), Centro Euro-Mediterraneo per i Cambiamenti Climatici SCARL (IT), Centro Internazionale in Monitoraggio Ambientale - Fondazione CIMA (IT), CNR-ITM, Institute for Membrane Technology, Rende (IT), CNRS (FR), Collecte Localisation Satellites SA (FR), Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche (IT), Deimos Space Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal (ES), Deutscher Wetterdienst (DE), Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt DLR (DE), DHI GRAS AS (DK), Dialbalkaniko Kentro Periballontos (GR), DRAXIS Environmental SA (GR), Elmibit Razvoj In Trzenje Programske Opreme Doo (SI), Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis (GR), EURISY (FR), EuroGeoSurveys - EGS (BE), European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (BE), European Union Satellite Centre (ES), EVENFLOW (BE), Finnish Environment Institute SYKE (FI), Finnish Meteorological Institute (FI), Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH - UFZ (DE), ICOS ERIC (FI), Instituto Portugues do Mar e da Atmosfera IP (PT), International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (AT), Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (IT), Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU), Mariene Informatie Service "MARIS" B.V. (NL), Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (DE), Masarykova Univerzita (CZ), Mekelle University (ETH), National Meteorological Agency (ETH), National Observatory of Athens (GR), Neuropublic AE Pliroforikis & Epikoinonion (GR), Open Geospatial Consortium (Europe) Limited LBG (UK), Planetek Italia SRL (IT), Plymouth Marine Laboratory (UK), Riscognition GmbH (DE), Schweizerisches Forschungsinstitut für Hochgebirgsklima und Medizin (CH), Space Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (UA), Stichting Deltares (NL), Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SE), Technical University of Denmark (DK), Tel Aviv University (IL), Transvalor SA (FR), Umweltbundesamt Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (UBA GmbH) (AT), Universität Bayreuth (DE), Universiteit of Twente (NL), University of Helsinki (FI), Vedurstofa Islands (IS), Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Oderzoek (BE), Wageningen University and Research (NL), Water Insight BV (NL), Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik, Wien (AT)
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