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Provision of ocean analysis and forecast products for the Black Sea


Project timeline
January 2018
39 months
March 2021
General Information
Black Sea – Monitoring Forecasting Centre (BS MFC) contributes to the development of the COPERNICUS Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS). It provides regular and systematic information about the physical state of the ocean and marine ecosystems for the Black Sea. The system is based on a numerical ocean model assimilating in-situ and satellite data. BS MFC gathers expertise in the field of ocean analysis and forecast in the Black Sea, brings together knowledge of the regional Black Sea dynamics, and enhances technical links with other CMEMS components and strong connection with the other CMEMS MFCs. Moreover, BS MFC’s objectives include the planning and efficient implementation of systems upgrades. BS MFC provides marine data about the Black Sea such as analysis and 10 days forecasts and reanalysis, describing waves, currents, temperature, salinity, sea level and biogeochemistry. Hereon is responsible for the Waves Physics Production Unit, including synergy between model and observational data as well assimilation of newly available data. Hereon is also involved in coupling of waves and circulation models and system evolution.
EU-Programme Acronym and Subprogramme AreaCOPERNICUS Ocean (CMEMS)
Project TypeCOPERNICUS Tender
Contract Number72-CMEMS-MFC-BS-N
Co-ordinatorInstitute of Oceanology (BG)
Funding for the Project (€) Funding for Hereon (€)
Contact Person at Hereon Dr. Joanna Staneva, Institute of Coastal Systems - Analysis and Modeling, Hydrodynamics and Data Assimilation, KSD, Phone: +49 (0)4152 87-1804
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Worldwide Europe

Centro Euro-Mediterraneo per i Cambiamenti Climatici SCARL (IT), Institute of Oceanology - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BG), Intitutul National de Hidrologie si Gospodarire a Apelor Bucuresti (RO), Sofiiski Universitet "Sveti KlimentT Ohridski" (BG), Université de Liège (BE)
Last Update: 16. April 2021