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Expanding membrane macroscale applications by exploring nanoscale material properties


Project timeline
September 2004
48 months
August 2008
General Information
Membrane science has a leading role in the innovative processes and it is now considered as one of the main strategic axes of research activities in all developed countries. The objective of NanoMemPro is to overcome the highly fragmented and multidisciplinary research and restore the knowledge supply chain on membrane science in Europe by integrating membrane activities of the most significant institutions, i.e. 13 partners coming from 13 different countries and working for various Universities or Research Centres. A significant number of small and medium-sized enterprises or large industrial companies covering very large fields of activities will join this Network of Excellence (NoE) as a Club of Interest. Finally, by associating other members selected , the NanoMemPro NoE would include many multidisciplinary knots in which all the scientific tools available would be implemented simultaneously in order to get the best results and converge quickly to industrialization purposes. More precisely, the objectives of the NanoMemPro NoE are the following: (1) Establish a European virtual laboratory of excellence in membrane materials and engineering with a durable structure (creation of a legal entity), (2) Create an Integrated European task force in complex multifunctional membrane science research, (3) Coordinate and orientate European membrane research according to the society's needs, (4) Create lasting synergies between researchers from different disciplines in order to overcome the technical challenges of membrane sciences, (5) Promote a common language among membranologists by developing common procedures and tests, (6) Create a European dimension of research careers in membrane technology fields, (7) Establish permanent interactions between membrane researchers, industries and end-users and accelerate new discoveries and industrial applications of membrane technology, (8) Initiate a new training and education programme in order to support the development of the future generation of European membranologists, (9) Provide a permanent vehicle for the interplay between scientists, engineers and students and the expansion of the overall understanding of membranes, and (10) Foster international exchange of information on the development and application of membranes for the benefits of all.
EU-Programme Acronym and Subprogramme AreaFP6-2002-NMP-1,, Engineering support for materials development
Project TypeNetwork of Excellence
Contract NumberNMP3-CT-2004-500623
Co-ordinatorCNRS (FR)
Total Eligible Costs (€) Hereon Eligible Costs (€) EC Funding for Hereon (€)
Contact Person at Hereon Prof. Dr. Volker Abetz, Institute of Polymer Research, PM Phone: +49 4152 87 2461, (initial contact: Dr. Klaus-Viktor Peinemann, Institute of Polymer Research)
E-mail contact
Worldwide Europe

Acies Sarl (FR), CNR-ITM, Institute for Membrane Technology, Rende (IT), CNRS (FR), Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (GR), Institute of Chemical Technology Prague (CZ), Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnologica Ibet (PT), Lappeenranta University of Technology (FI), SINTEF (NO), Technical University of Denmark (DK), Universidad de Zaragoza (ES), Universiteit of Twente (NL), Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Oderzoek (BE)

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