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Multicomponent nanostructured materials for separation membranes


Project timeline
March 2004
36 months
February 2007
General Information
COMPOSE focuses on the development of novel nanostructured materials for selective material transport and separation. Two categories of materials will be developed in this project: Nanostructured organic/inorganic hybrid materials and functional self organized supramolecular copolymers. The development of "conventional" polymeric membranes has come to a certain limit during the last ten years. In spite of intensive research only 6 or 7 polymers are being used for commercial gas separation membranes, aromatic polyamide is the dominating material for reverse osmosis membranes. New inorganic membranes like carbon molecular sieves and zeolite membranes show superior performance for some applications. However, it remains doubtful if they can compete with polymeric membranes due to their high production costs.
EU-Programme Acronym and Subprogramme AreaFP6-2002-NMP-1, Development of fundamental knowledge
Project TypeSTREP
Contract NumberNMP-CT-2003-505633
Co-ordinatorHelmholtz Zentrum Hereon (DE)
Total Eligible Costs (€) Hereon Eligible Costs (€) EC Funding for Hereon (€)
Contact Person at Hereon Prof. Dr. Volker Abetz, Institute of Polymer Research, PM Phone: +49 4152 87 2461, (initial contact: Dr. Klaus-Viktor Peinemann, Institute of Polymer Research)
E-mail contact
Worldwide Europe

A. V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis (RU), Blue Membranes GmbH (DE), B.P.T. - Bio Pure Technology Ltd. (IL), Helsinki University of Technology (FI), Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (NL), SINTEF (NO)

(completed February 2007)

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