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HGF Research Field: Earth and Environment

EU - FP5 - Projects at Hereon

Core Programme: Marine, Coastal and Polar Systems

The projects are arranged chronologically according to their end date, with longest residual term at the top.

AcronymTitleFurther information
SOAPSimulations, observations and palaeoclimate data: Verifying climate models over the last 500 years.
EVISAThe European Virtual Institute for Speciation Analysis for Improvement of Health, Food, Industry and Environment
ALP-IMPMulti-centennial climate variability in the Alps based on instrumental data, model simulations and proxy data
MABENEManaging benthic ecosystems in relation to physical forcing and environmental constraints
BRIMOMBiofouling resistant infrastructure for measuring, observing and monitoring
GLIMPSEGlobal implications of Arctic climate processes and feedbacks
FLOODRELIEFReal-time flood decison support system integrating hydrological, meteorological and radar technologies
FERRYBOXFerryBox - From on-line oceanographic measurements to environmental informationCo-ordination: Helmholtz Zentrum Hereon
DISMAR Data integration system for marine pollution and water quality
i-MARQ Information system for marine aquatic resource quality
HIMOM A system of hierarchical monitoring methods for assessing changes in the biological and physical state of intertidal areasCo-ordination: Helmholtz Zentrum Hereon
REVAMPRegional validation of MERIS chlorophyll products in North Sea coastal waters
EUROCATEuropean Catchments - Catchment changes and their impact on the CoastCo-ordination: Helmholtz Zentrum Hereon
NAOCNeural network algorithms for ocean colour
PRUDENCEPrediction of regional scenarios and uncertainties for defining European climate change risks and effects
OROMAOperational radar and optical mapping in monitoring hydrodynamic, morphodynamic and environmental parameter for coastal managementCo-ordination: Helmholtz Zentrum Hereon
MAXWAVERogue waves - Forecast and impact on marine structuresCo-ordination: Helmholtz Zentrum Hereon
SEAROUTESAdvanced decision support for shiprouting based on full-scale ship specific responses as well as improved sea and weather forecasts including synoptic, high precision and realtime satellite data
CLIWA-NETBALTEX cloud liquid water network
HYMNEHydrographic monitoring - Neva BightCo-ordination: Helmholtz Zentrum Hereon
IMPACT Estimation of human impact in the presence of natural fluctuations
HIPOCASHindcast of dynamic processes of the ocean and coastal areas of Europe
BALCON Third Study Conference on BALTEX