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Techniques and Equipment

Main focus of the department Laser Processing and Structural Evaluation (WMF) is the laser beam welding (LBW) of lightweight materials such as Al, Mg, Ti and TiAl alloys as well as the corresponding mechanical and microstructural investigation of the joint properties with respect to their strength, fracture toughness, fatigue (fatigue strength, crack propagation), microstructure (microstructure, constitution, microtexture) and residual stresses. In addition to laser beam welding, WMF carries out extensive research and development work on the subjects of laser shock peening (LSP) and laser metal deposition (LMD). In addition to well-founded experience, the equipment of the laser laboratory with Nd:YAG and Yb:YAG laser sources as well as the processing stations equipped with CNC technology, industrial robots and wire feeding systems was another solid basis for the implementation of the Hereon individual project. The department Laser Processing and Structural Assessment (WMF) mainly pursues the goal to investigate and map the relationship between process (LBW, LSP, LMD), properties and application. This is also achieved by internal bundling of competences in the Institute of Materials Research and networking with universities and industrial companies.

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Dr. Nikolai Kashaev

Head of Department Joining and Assessment

Institute for Materials Research

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