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Solid State Joining Processes

Solid phase joining processes

Solid phase joining processes, Photo: Hereon

Solid state joining and processing technologies are becoming the centre of attention of scientists and engineers involved with advanced lightweight structures. The main reason for that is the nature of such processes: since bonding and processing take place in the solid state all metallurgical reactions involved in melting and solidification are avoided, resulting in defect free joints with superior properties.

Core competences Friction Stir Processes und Friction Surfacing Processes

Friction Stir Processes and Friction Surfacing Processes represent one of the core competences where Hereon has taken an international leading position. Such processes allow to a very high degree of freedom to modify, coat, or weld similar and dissimilar materials, which can not be treated by any other method.

Most of the equipment has been developed in-house. The optimising of the processes for industrial light-weight applications, heavily relies on new and improved equipment with high-precision hardware and state of the art control software. The department Solid State Joining Processes gladly accepts these challenges.



ICJ, Photo:Hereon/Christian Schmid

The department Solid State Joining Processes is part of the Institute of Materials Research and works on basic- and application oriented research topics in the area of friction welding for joining and coating. The research activities in this area comprise the following processes:

  • Friction Stir Welding (FSW)
  • Friction Stir Spot Welding (FSSW)
  • Friction Spot Welding (FSpW)
  • Friction Hydro Pillar Processing (FHPP)
  • Friction Surfacing
  • Hybrid Friction Diffusion Bonding (HFDB)
  • Rotational Friction Welding
  • Friction Riveting
  • Injection Clinching Joining

With the formulation of technological solutions and concepts for joining challenges for the national and European industry, a significant contribution is made in the programme topic "Mechanics and Joining of Light-Weight Materials" of the programme "Advanced Engineering Materials” within Helmholtz-Research-Area "Key-Technologies".

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