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Camilo Andres Arrieta


Camilo Andres Arrieta

Stofftransport und Ökosystemdynamik

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-Innovations on marine litter prevention, monitoring and cleaning
-Biofouling communities in deep-sea environments
-Plastic transport and beaching process, impact and accumulation

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- MSc in Ocean and Climates Physics (2019 – present): University of Hamburg, Germany
- BEng in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering (2009-2015): University of La Salle, Colombia

Work Experience

2020 – Present: Student research assistant, Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Germany
2017-2019: HSE Specialist, Schlumberger Surenco, Colombia
2016-207: Integrated management system engineer, Aseobriya, Colombia
2015-2016: Environmental Coordinator, Ernesto Cortissoz Airport, Ambiotec, Colombia
2014-2015: Environmental Field Technician, Antek, Colombia