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Dr. Frank Menger

Frank Menger

Dr. Frank Menger

Organic Environmental Chemistry


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My research focuses on the identification of unknown organic pollutants in the aquatic environment using high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS). Previously, I have developed screening approaches for pesticide transformation products, halogenated pollutants, bioaccumulating chemicals and persistent and mobile organic chemicals. In my current PostDoc position, I became part of the P-LEACH project investigating plastic-leaching chemicals and their effects under real-life conditions. My role is the characterization of the water phase, which includes target analysis as well as the identification of unknown chemicals like UV-degradation products.

My expertise covers the following areas:

  • Trace analysis of organic pollutants in the aquatic environment
  • High-resolution mass spectrometry (LC-(IM-)QTof, LC-Orbitrap)
  • Development of suspect and non-target screening workflows

‘The Unknown’… I keep wondering, what It is… I know, however, that I find It fascinating (and sometimes scary).

Think chemicals, for example - according to the most recent estimates, there are >350,000(!) of them on the global market. Do we know, how many of these thousands and thousands of human-made chemicals end up in the environment? We do not…

That’s where my curiosity kicks in. I want to change that, and I want us to better understand the world of chemicals; where do they come from, what are their effects, should we be concerned and, starting at the beginning, what do they look like?

It is a thrilling feeling to discover new chemicals!

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