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Andreas Lendlein Named Fellow of Materials Research Society

The MRS Fellows programme recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of materials research.

Professor Andreas Lendlein, head of the Hereon-Institute of Active Polymers, has been named a Fellow (class 2021) of the Materials Research Society (MRS) “for his research on shape memory polymers enabling different stimuli, degradability and reversible movements as well as their applications in minimally invasive surgery, regenerative medicine and robotics” writes the MRS.

Andreas Lendlein

Andreas Lendlein named MRS-Fellow. Photo: Hereon/ Gesine Born

The MRS, founded in 1973, is a growing organization of more than 11,200 materials researchers from academia and industry. It is a leader in advancing interdisciplinary materials research. Since 2008 the MRS Fellow program recognizes outstanding contributions to the field that have advanced the mission of the materials community world-wide. The Fellow programm is designated to be a lifetime recognition of distinction in materials research.

Commenting on his recognition, the head of the Hereon-Institute, based in Teltow near Berlin, said: "It is a great honor being selected and I am looking forward to the upcoming tasks as an MRS Fellow."

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