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“The Coast in Focus” App Now Available

With the arrival of the interactive COSYNA app, “The Coast in Focus", users can obtain real-time data on wave height, water temperature or salinity from the COSYNA measuring stations directly on their tablets.

The coastal observation system COSYNA (Coastal Observing System for the North and Arctic Seas) is one of the most comprehensive observation systems worldwide. It encompasses numerous measuring stations in the North Sea and off Spitsbergen. The North Sea is one of the most heavily utilised coastal regions in the world, and Spitsbergen is an area heavily affected by climate change. With the arrival of the interactive COSYNA app, “The Coast in Focus", users can obtain real-time data on wave height, water temperature or salinity from the COSYNA measuring stations directly on their tablets. The app is free of charge and is available in the respective stores for both the iPad and for devices running the Android operating system. The universal app for all devices can be found here:

COSYNA App Screenshot

Mit der interaktiven COSYNA App können Interessierte unkompliziert und schnell auf aktuelle Livedaten der COSYNA-Messstationen in der Nordsee zugreifen.Grafik: Günter Schoß/Sascha Riemer

A primary objective of the COSYNA coastal observation system is to make scientific measurements and predictions usable for various interested parties and to provide this information both quickly and free of charge. The automated measuring systems utilised by the scientists include radar technology, measurement buoys and earth observation satellites. These systems determine the state of the ocean currents, salinity or oxygen content, temperature, sea state or the algae concentration at various water depths. In “real-time”, the scientists feed the collected data into complex simulation models that derive the physical, ecological and biogeochemical state of the North Sea conditions in high resolution, both temporally and spatially.

Die App „Die Küste im Blick“ zeigt, wie die Deutsche Nordseeküste mit dem Beobachtungssystem COSYNA kontinuierlich beobachtet und erforscht wird. Neben den Messdaten stellt die App die verschiedenen Messinstrumente und Modellansätze von COSYNA vor und informiert über die Forschungsschiffe, die für COSYNA in der Nordsee im Einsatz sind. Auch zu Wellenmessbojen, Radargeräten, Unterwasserknoten und anderen Messsystemen der Küstenbeobachtung können sich die Nutzer mit Bildern und kurzen Texten zum wissenschaftlichen Hintergrund vertraut machen.

The “Coast in Focus” app demonstrates how COSYNA continuously observes and studies the German North Sea coast. In addition to the measurement data, the app presents various COSYNA measurement instruments and modelling approaches while it also provides information on the research vessels that COSYNA utilises in the North Sea. Images and short descriptions provide a way for users to also acquaint themselves with wave measurement buoys, radar instruments, underwater nodes and other measurement systems for coastal observation.

Professor Burkard Baschek, Director of the Institute of Coastal Research at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, says, “The app is primarily aimed at interested laypersons.” It was developed in cooperation with the Public Relations Department. “We would like to enable users to gain quick and uncomplicated access to interesting measurement data and to inform the public of coastal research activities,” elaborates Baschek.

COSYNA Project Management Director Dr. Holger Brix explains, “The COSYNA data is used in practice to answer scientific questions. The information also serves decision makers in the economic and political sectors.” COSYNA, for example, cooperates with companies from the offshore wind energy industry to develop and evaluate products related to ocean currents and waves.

“The Coast in Focus", Android Tablets “The Coast in Focus", Apple Tablets

The observation and analysis system COSYNA (Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas) is developed and coordinated at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht’s Institute of Coastal Research. The measurement instruments and platforms are operated in cooperation with numerous partner institutions. The studies serve the researchers in developing the scientific basis for assessing changes on the coast as well as in working toward a foundation for sustainable coastal management.

COSYNA’s objective is the development of an integrated observation and modelling system that is suited for continuously observing and describing the environmental conditions of the North Sea and Arctic coastal waters. COSYNA makes data and data products available which are intended to assist the governmental and economic sectors in planning routine tasks and emergency strategies as well in assessing trends. Scientific products and infrastructure are developed in COSYNA to expand our knowledge of the “global coast” and its regional characteristics. COSYNA-Website

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