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Industrial Mechanic

What do we expect of you?

What is important are a good secondary school-leaving certificate (Hauptschule or Realschule), as well as manual dexterity, an interest in technical-functional connections, good spatial awareness, good concentration, stamina and reliability, and basic knowledge of English.

How does the apprenticeship work?

Apprenticeship in a dual system that lasts 3 1/2 years. This means that in addition to working at the company, you will spend one or two days a week at vocational college. You will graduate with a craft certificate (Facharbeiterbrief).

During your apprenticeship, your tasks will be:

  • to manufacture individual parts for different devices or production plants
  • to set up assemblies or complex test apparatus
  • to set up mechanical and pneumatic components
  • to optimise and monitor production processes
  • to make repairs and perform maintenance tasks
  • to operate various machine tools

What do you learn during the apprenticeship?

You will be trained, e. g.:

  • to assess material properties
  • to select materials according to their use
  • to ensure operational readiness of machine tools to manufacture workpieces and components
  • to obtain order-specific requirements and information as well as to examine and implement them
  • to plan and execute work processes and subtasks under consideration of economic and scheduling aspects
  • to determine faults with machines and systems and to isolate faults
  • to perform the mechanical set-up of electrical components or assemblies
  • to maintain, inspect, repair, and improve machines and systems
  • to clean, care for, and store components and assemblies,
  • to manufacture and adapt components by combining different manufacturing processes,
  • to adhere to occupational safety and accident-prevention regulations
  • to observe and apply environmental protection measures