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We consider our employees’ motivation and performance to be a decisive success factor in both domestic and international competition in research.

We support our employees in staying fit and healthy and strengthening their skills, for example in dealing with stress.

Support offered as part of our company health management system:

  • strengthening of personal competence
  • sporting events and activities
  • occupational medical care
  • Operational Integration Management
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • occupational safety
Bild Health - exercise and relaxation

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Geesthacht and Teltow, our employees can strengthen their cardiovascular system and muscles together with their colleagues, while also having time for a chat. The focus is on enjoying the exercise session.

Photo Health - Sporting Events and Activities

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Teams made up of employees regularly take part in sporting events. These are less about the competition itself, but rather about enjoying sports together as a group. As an example, together we take part in the “cycle to work” scheme or compete with others in city runs.

We also have regular preventative health campaigns for our employees. These include donating blood.

Photo Health - Operational Integration Management

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Operational Integration Management is the pillar of occupational health management that aims to integrate employees who have fallen ill.

Together with these employees, we seek to find ways of overcoming illness and preventing a recurrence of an inability to work.