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Employment Facts

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon (Hereon) is part of the largest scientific organisation in Germany: the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres. More information about the Helmholtz Association

The Working Environment

At Hereon, we are pleased to have around 1,000 employees from aroung 60 nations benefiting from our attractive working environment. After all, in addition to the provisions set out in the TV-AVH collective agreement, such as 30 days’ annual leave, we have a lot to offer. “What we offer”

In particular, the range of services we offer to help our employees reconcile their professional and private lives speaks for itself: over about 65% of our employees take advantage of the opportunity to work outside the office. “Work and family life”

But Hereon is not only characterised by a modern working environment, but also as an international company. Over 55 nations have come together at our centre. And we are pleased to welcome everyone! “What is important to us”

What We Promote

We not only preserve diversity; equal rights are just as much a matter of course for us. By actively promoting women, we have already achieved a 40 % share of women in science.

Promoting talents at different stages of their life is also a great source of pleasure for us in our work.

In 2022, 185 doctoral students were employed at Hereon. We aim to enable our doctoral students to complete their doctorates efficiently. The Hereon believes that its primary task is to ensure optimal supervision tailored to the individual needs of doctoral students and to provide the framework conditions and scientific freedom required to achieve top scientific performance.

The Hereon offers students from numerous disciplines the opportunity to complete Bachelor's and Master's theses in science as well as in the fields of technology and administration.

In addition, we generally train apprentices in different professions and welcome around 60 young people who are interested to be part of our annual Girls’ & Boys’ Day.