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Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups

Call 2022

Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups allow the Helmholtz Association to offer internationally outstanding postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to establish their own research groups. Up to 9 Young Investigator Groups are funded each year, identified through a highly competitive selection procedure, and funded for five years with a total of at least 1.5 million euros.

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The program is aimed at young scientists who completed their doctorates two to six years ago. Periods of child- rearing that fall within the postdoctoral phase can be credited (up to two years per child). Candidates must also have relevant experience abroad. This can be at least six months of continuous experience abroad during the doctoral or postdoctoral phase, the acquisition of an academic degree abroad, or the coordination of a major international project.

The Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups offer early scientific independence to international top talents. The funding generally amounts to at least € 300,000 p.a. for five years with an option of a permanent position in case of a positive evaluation.

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon can nominate no more than two candidates. Interested candidates should approach Hereon with a draft of their application. There will be an internal pre-selection process. Hereon will decide on the two nominees and request that they submit the complete application documents. If you want to apply, please contact Dr. Iris Ulrich (Iris.Ulrich@hereon.de).

Important Deadlines 2022

March 1, 2022Deadline for submission of draft proposal (Letter of Intent about your planned research project (max. 2 pages), CV, List of Publications) to Dr. Iris Ulrich (Iris.Ulrich@hereon.de).
 An in-house evaluation process then identifies and informs the two candidates who will be allowed to prepare a full proposal.
May 3, 2022Deadline for submission of complete application documents by the Helmholtz Centers to the Helmholtz Head Office in Bonn (cutoff date; key date for determining 2-6 years after doctorate) and via Helmholtz Nextcloud
August 26, 2022Deadline for submission of the statement by the university to the Helmholtz Head Office and online via the Helmholtz project plattform.
October 4-5, 2022Final selection meeting
No more than 12 months after receiving funding approvalStart of the Helmholtz Young Investigator Group

Further Information

To the Helmholtz Young Investigator Group Call 2022 Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups – Call 2022

Contact at Hereon

Dr. Iris Ulrich

Head off Staff department Programme Planning and Controlling

Phone: +49 (0) 4152 / 87 - 1633

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