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What We Offer

Your work: meaningful and sustainable!

It is becoming more and more important for one’s work to be meaningful. The current and constantly increasing pressure on society, politics, and the economy shows that the focus has long since shifted away from human beings as individuals and instead towards our very future on earth.

We too are taking responsibility, making our contribution and are placing the people and their living space of tomorrow at the centre. Through our research priorities, we offer, for example, jobs whose focus is on protecting our climate and vulnerable coasts, on reducing emissions and conserving resources while ensuring mobility or on promoting regenerative therapies.

Whether in research, technology, administration, or management, with us, you too can make a direct or indirect contribution to our collective future. Join us!

What Else We Offer:

What We Offer - Tariff Benefits

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Our collective wage agreement (TV-AVH) with its remuneration system lays the foundation for the selection of your remuneration group (Federal Remuneration Code). The years of recognised professional experience have an impact on the development levels in the pay grades. You will also receive a special annual payment. In addition, there is the option of a performance- fee as a variable and performance-based payment for outstanding performance.

Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements have a leave entitlement of 30 days per annum (on a five-day week) in addition to their monthly remuneration.

We provide paid leave of absence, a company pension scheme with VBL (Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder), continued payment of wages in the event of illness, a subsidy on sick pay, and an employer's share towards your capital formation as well as anniversary bonuses in accordance with the currently applicable requirements as set out in the collective agreement.

What We Offer - Flexibility

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Those who perform well can expect high standards. A desire for self-development is becoming increasingly clear. To offer our employees a high degree of flexibility so that they can organise their work in line with their needs, we allow them a great deal of flexibility.

This means that our employees can determine their own working hours within a generous framework and without core working hours. In addition to flexibility to choose their own times, all employees are generally able to do part of their work outside the office and are not bound to a certain location. We also offer various part-time models.

Around 65%[/b] of our employees work part of their time remotely (as at 30 June 2023).

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We know: the better people feel, the more productive they are. For us, that means: optimal working conditions are a prerequisite for creative work. To fulfil Hereon’s research mandate, we therefore place particular emphasis on the best possible workplace design. We use the most modern technology In terms of hardware, software, and laboratory equipment.

At our main site in Geesthacht, a walk in the forest with a view of the river Elbe and a company restaurant invite you to relax and recharge. Our employees can quench their thirst for knowledge in our own Hereon scientific library.

What We Offer - Professional Development and Training

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At Hereon, we offer a wide range of professional development and training opportunities. For example, the Human Resources Management unit provides a comprehensive programme of professional development and training programmes every year. Open to all employees.

The Hereon Academy for Managers has been launched to support potentials as well as new and experienced managers with a wide range of modules. The three programmes bring new input, drive and energy to everyday management.

In addition, there are special programmes for postdocs and the Hereon sub-institutes and the Helmholtz Association also offer various opportunities for further training.

The professional development provision organised by Human Resources Management includes seminars to enhance methodological and management skills, IT seminars, specialist seminars for scientists, and English and German language courses. There are also offers in the areas of project management, leadership with targets, coping with stress, and time and self-management.